At Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth we seek to provide a quality academic and social program that supports the needs of gifted students and allows them to engage with peers and instructors as part of a vibrant academic community. We ask several questions, some of which may not be pertinent to your child, to ensure that we have appropriate knowledge of each student and so that all program participants are actively engaged in a larger community that encourages one another and promotes safety, security, and learning for all involved.

The information provided on these forms may be shared with VU employees (including full and part-time SAVY staff), third party medical staff, and others who need this information in order to successfully work with your child. We request this information for the health and safety of each student in our program. Failure to disclose the requested information may result in your child being dismissed from SAVY without refund and more importantly could hinder making the best decision regarding the well-being of your student or others in the program.

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